Point Roberts TV - Mission and Policies


The mission of Point Roberts TV (PRTV)is to enhance the sense of community within Point Roberts and promote the community to the outside world through the use of live and recorded videos. We hope to provide a supporting role to the various civic, social and charity organizations in Point Roberts as well as being a conduit for the creative output of its residents.

Policies revised 1/5/17:
  1. PRTV is run on a strictly volunteer basis.

  2. PRTV will only deal with content that covers the people, places and events within or affecting the community of Point Roberts.

  3. PRTV uses videos that are open to public viewing on Youtube or have been produced by Point Roberts TV. We do not purchase content.

  4. The independent content creators who have placed videos open for public viewing on Youtube are responsible for obtaining permission from those people within the video to be recorded and displayed. Point Roberts TV will get releases from persons recorded on videos PRTV creates when a video is done in a private setting. Permissions do not need to be obtained when PRTV is recording in a public setting.

  5. No obscene videos or videos of questionable legal behavior will be displayed. If a videos content is altered after it has be put in rotation, please let us know on our contact page.

  6. Point Roberts TV does not record public meetings on a regular basis; however, there are times when we will record an invited speaker at a public meeting who has come to the community to talk on a specific issue. The amount of work to record all public meetings is beyond the scope of our current resources. Point Roberts TV does encourages civil discourse and the rights of free speech as long as it is directed at issues and not at people.

  7. Point Roberts TV reserves the right to determine what content will be displayed.

  8. If the owner of a video request to have it pulled from Point Roberts TV then we will discontinue its use.

  9. Point Roberts TV does not take ads for commercial purposes and will not run videos that are designed for this purpose. If a commercial entity is the sponsor of a community event, it is reasonable to provide credit to those businesses. Youtube does reserve the right to provide ads within its free video and free streaming services.

  10. Point Roberts TV does not produce content that is of a personal nature (ie: weddings, birthdays, reunions etc...)

      Please submit request or suggestions for events to be streamed on our contact page.