Point Roberts TV - Volunteer Information

The mission of Point Roberts TV (PRTV)is to enhance the sense of community within Point Roberts and promote the community to the outside world through the use of live and recorded videos. We hope to provide a supporting role to the various civic, social and charity organizations in Point Roberts as well as being a conduit for the creative output of its citizens.

We are looking for volunteers to help us reach our mission goals. If you wish to volunteer please use our contact page and type volunteer in the subject line. If you have any skills with video or computers then please let us know as well as including a contact email address and phone number.

We suggest that you watch the video above from the 1st volunteer meeting.

We also have some basic instructions on how we set up for a live streaming event. You can see this draft document here: Instructions Draft

To learn how we are streaming videos you may want to view some of the Wirecast tutorials and demos.

We also have one of the better video links embedded below on the basics of Wirecast.