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Point Roberts TV Schedule


Float ont eh Waves
Length: :20sec

Point Roberts Backstory
Length: 50:23min

Point Roberts Marina
Length: 0:47sec

Time Lapse, Point Roberts Winter
Length: 9:47min

Circle of Care
Dr. Sean Bozorgzadeh
Length: 30:16min

Remembrance Day 2018
Length: 27:56min

Point Roberts - Holiday Hoedown
Length: 30:38min

Enchanted Forest Trail
Length: 2:03min

Greenhouses near Tsawwassen
Length: 1:06:23hr

Point Roberts, Wa. Lily Point
Length: 1:59min

Tiny TED Talk-Making Coconut Rice
Length: 10:10min

Tiny TED Talk-Writing Your Memoir
Length: 24:27min

Southern Trail at Lily POint
Length: 2:02min

Tiny TED Talk-Blue Water Sailing
Length: 25:24min

Crabbing in Point Roberts
Length: 2:46min

2018 Cardboard Boat Race
Length: 2:39min

Irish Dancers
Point Roberts Art & Music Festival
Length: 1:51min

Point Roberts Taxpayers AGM 2018
Chris McKnight Keynote Speaker
Length: 40:05min

Point Roberts Library - The Move
Length: 3:23min

Point Roberts Garden Tour 2018
Length: 7:18min

Point Roberts Library - The Build
Length: 10:56min

Point Roberts July 4th, 2018
Flag Raising and Parade
Length: 1:04:42min

Antenna for Emergency Shelter
Length: 2:10min

Tiny TED: Burning Man
Length: 31:12min

Tiny TED: Public Speaking
Length: 15:56min

Tiny TED: What Happens To Old Clothes?
Length: 1:19min

Land Surveying terms: The 49th Parallel
Length: 27:16min

Jepardy! Clue - Point Roberts
Length: 0:15sec

Point Roberts Lily Point timelapse
(no sound)
Length: 0:30min

Somewhere In Point Roberts
Length: 19:03min

Point Roberts talk by Keith Willnauer
Length: 1hr52min

Auntie Pam's Cookie Contest 2017
Length: 3:57min

Christmas Tree Lighting 2017
Length: 2:14min

Point Roberts Animation
Length: 1:25min

Lighthouse Park Demo - Point Roberts
Length: 2:18min

Point Roberts - Apple Juicing
Length: 2:22min

Dredging Point Roberts Marina
Length: 2:35min

Point Roberts Candidates Night 2017
Length: 1:12:56min

Point Roberts Firehall Demolition
Length: 2:35min

A Conversation with Ruby White
Aboout Point Roberts
Length: 51:59min

Point Roberts Old Timers
Length: 24:57min

Surrey Trekkers At Point Roberts
Length: 1:05min

Mailbox Decorating Contest - Point Roberts
Length: 2:02min

This Old House - Johnson House
Length: 32:12min

Point Roberts Drone Footage
Length: 2:48min

Point Roberts 2017 Music Camp
Length: 57:39min

This Old House - Samuelsson House
Length: 35:47min

Fatbiking at Maple Beach - Point Roberts
Length: 4:17min

Point Roberts Taxpayers Association AGM
Speaker: State Senator Doug Ericksen
Length: 1:30:39min

Point Roberts 2017 4th of July Parade
Length: 19:03min

Point Roberts Canada Day 2017
Length: 4:38min

Bald Eagles at Lily Point
Length: 2:10min

Point Roberts at Low Tide!
Length: 0:58sec

Teeny TED Talk 2017 - Judith Mann
Length: 47:43min

Teeny TED Talk 2017 - Kennny Calder
Length: 14:36min

Teeny TED Talk 2017 - Don Falk
Length: 20:25min

Teeny TED Talk 2017 - Lucy Williams
Length: 17:23

Point Roberts has ruined me...
Length: 1:07min

2017 Dollars For Scholars Awards
Length: 11:06min

Lily Point, Point Roberts
Length: 4:00min

36th Annual Jog For A Jug 2017
Length: 12:23min

Yacht Club Flag Ceremony
Length: 12:24min

Point Roberts Egg Hunt 2017
Length: 7:16min

Rock Sandpiper Video Roger's
Length: 0:47min

Brews Point Roberts - Fiber Fest 2017
Length: 2:55min

Point Roberts afternoon with Mavic Pro
Length: 2:45min

Free Access to Ancestry.com
Length: 42:11

La Femmina Divina
Length: 30:59min

Point Roberts - A birds Eye View
Length 3:20min

Orcas 2016
Length: 1:43min

Brewsters History - Point Roberts
Length: 3:39min

Point Roberts Christmas Tree Lighting 2016
Length: 2:46min

Burns Bog Talk at Point Roberts Community Center
Length: 49:24min

Birds Lighthouse Marine Park
Length: 0:53min

Windsurfers on Boundary Bay - Point Roberts
Length: 2:07min

Veterans Day 2016 - Point Roberts
Length: 23:24min

Visiting the slice of the U.S. attached
to B.C. (ahead of the presidential election)
Length: 2:30min

Baking Sourdough Bread - Point Roberts
Length: 40:11min

Spooktacular Halloween at Point Roberts 2016
Length: 4:19min

Fishing Fleet at Lighthouse Marine Park
Length: 1:33min

Point Roberts Storm October 2016
Length: 0:33min

The Aliens Are Coming - Invasive Species
Length: 1:19:49min

Teeny Ted Talks - Crabbing in Alaska
Length: 16:33min

Teeny Ted Talks - Quilting
Length: 13:32min

Teeny Ted Talks - Diplomacy
Length: 15:30min

Teeny Ted Talks - Traveling The World
Length: 21:25min

Teeny Ted Talks - Poker
Length: 19:55min

Kamishibai Man - Storytelling
Length: 39:20min

End of Season Dock Removal
Length: 2:14min

Amazing Sunset Point Roberts 2016
Length: 0:51min

Shaune Ann Feuz Band at Compass Rose
Length: 2:05min

Point Roberts Arts & Music Festival
2016 Talent Show Day 2
Length: 22:17min

Point Roberts Arts & Music Festival
2016 scenes from Day 1
Length: 8:45min

This Old House Lecture: Ben's Store
Length: 32:16min

Fire Station- Arrival of the Helicopters
Length: 5:26min

This Old House Lecture: Trinity Church
Length: 25:30min

Susan DelBene at Point Roberts
Length: 1:23min

This Old House (Boat) Lecture Special:
George Vancouver
Length: 1:03:52min

2016 Cardboard Boat Race
Length: 7:01min

This Old House Lecture: Waters
Length: 30:25min

New Dock at Lighthouse Park
Length: 6:00min

The Great Migration: Love it or Lose it
Length: 53:43min

This Old House Lecture: Elscan
Length: 17:23min

Marine Mammal Stranding
Length: 3:17min

Lily Point Marine Park, WA
Length: 3:17min

This Old House Lecture: Ah Fat
Length: 20:35min

July 4th Flag Raising Ceremony
Length: 5:16min

4th of July Fireworks
Length: 40:52min

Fish Races At The Marina
Length: 2:34min

This Old House Lecture: Blair
Length: 40:32min

Home Grown Co-op Open House
Length: 3:12min

This Old House Lecture: Community Center
Length: 28:12min

Point Roberts USA July 2 Fireworks
Length: 4:22min

Point Roberts Garden Tour 2016 - 9 Gardens
Length: 6:44min

Point Roberts Garden Tour,2016
Length: 5:42min

Orcas Point Roberts 5June2016
Length: 1:47min

A Sunday Drive through Point Roberts
Length: 14:26min

Day 7 - Waters Edge
Length: 2:36min

Lighthouse Marine Park
Length: 3:06min

Point Roberts Beach Flights
Length: 1:56min

Point Roberts Sunset
Length: 1:09min

No Towers 07/23/2015
Length: 5:30min

Community Sustainability &
Composting Workshop
(1st streaming test for PRTV)
Low audio and video quality
Length: 1:01:43min

C-Span Cities Tour
Point Roberts - An American Exclave
Length: 12:33min

Low Tide - Boundary Bay
Length: 0:36min

Lily Point Ceremony revisited - Part I
Length: 7:52min

Lily Point Ceremony revisited - Part II
Length: 6:50min

Vancouver police pipe band at Point Roberts
Length: 1:23min

Point Roberts - 4th of July Flag Ceremony
Length: 1:51min

Fireworks - 4th of July 2014
Length: 1:51min

Craig Jacks - Weyburn Town
PR Arts & Music Festival 2008
Length: 6:14min

Point Roberts From Above 2015
(No audio on this video)
Length: 11:54min

American Border Oddity
Length: 2:43min

Point Roberts Fire Dept.
Open House 2015
Length: 1:20min

Tour de Point Robert
Length: 3:22min

Cardboard Boat Race 2014
Length: 2:15min

Drive Around Point Roberts, WA
Length: 9:25min

Sea Lion eating/playing
No Audio
Length: 7:17min

Point Roberts forest walk
Length: 1:31min

2015 Veteran's Day
Length: 21:22min

Point Roberts 300 Feet
Length: 6:47min

Point Roberts Food Cooperative
Length: 1:27min

Point Roberts
Length: 8:49min

Boundary Bay Border Crossing
Top #5 Facts
Length 0:42min

The Laws Visit Point Roberts
Length: 2:33min

Around Point Roberts 1970
Length: 0:52min

Point Roberts Sunset
Length: 2:06min

The History and Social
Structure of Point Roberts
(Series Recorded in 1980)
Length: 3:07:35min

Point Roberts, WA (June 27, 2009)
Length: 2:00min


Community Events:


Wackie Walkers Tuesdays, 8 a.m.
Community Center. Call for Thursday
location. Info: 945-1934

Point Roberts Library Hours
Tues 1-7pm, Wed & Sat 10-5pm
info: 945-6545

Point Roberts Clinic Hours
Mon 11am-6pm, Tues 9am-5pm,
Thurs 9am-5pm
2030 Benson Rd (360)945-2580

Preschool Storytime: Wednesdayss
10:30am - 11am, Point Roberts Library

Mar 09: PRCAC
9:30am Community Center

Mar 11: Park and Rec Meeting
7pm Community Center

Mar 12: Water District
5pm Community Center

Mar 13: Hospital District
7pm Community Center

Mar 13: Taxpayers Association
7pm Community Center

Mar 16: Spring Faire
10am Community Center

Mar 17: Spring Faire
11am Community Center

Mar 21: PRCAC
6pm Community Center

Apr 01: BeeKeepers
7pm Community Center

Apr 01: PRARC (Radio Club)
7pm Community Center

Apr 02: Chamber of Commerce
7pm Community Center

Apr 02: PREP
7pm Community Center

Apr 03: Garden Club
6pm Community Center

Apr 04: Voters Association
6pm Community Center

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